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Brand: Hanita Model: HT-BLENS
The excellent ptic resolution provides optimum postoperative visual acuity. Attributes Improved modified C haptic shape: B-Lens design optimizes the stability of the lens in the capsular bag. Square edge design: B-Lens square edge design – intended to prevent cell gr..
Brand: Hanita Model: HT-BAL-15
Technical Specifications: Overall length 12.0mm Optic diameter: 5.0 mm Haptic angulation: 5° Optic design: Bi convex Positioning holes: 1 Material: PMMA CQ UV A Constant: 118.0 Power range: 1.0 to 8.0 in 1D increments, 8.5..
BALANCE, Posterior Chamber IOL, w/ Balanced Quality
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Brand: Hanita Model: HT-BALANCE
Technical Specifications   Overall length: 12.5 mm Optic diameter: 6.00 mm Haptic angulation: 5° Optic design: Bi convex Positioning holes: 3 Material: PMMA CQ UV A Constant: 118.5 Power range: 1.0 to 8.0 in 1D increment..
Brand: Hanita Model: HT-HVISCO018
Specifications: Concentration: 18mg/ml (1.8%) Sodium Hyaluronate Source: Biofermentation Molecular Weight: 2 million Daltons Zero shear Viscosity: 50,000 cps PH: 6.8 - 7.6 Osmolarity: 304 - 324 mOsM   Packaging / Storage: Pouch containing 1.0ml Hanita Visco, S..
Brand: Hanita Model: HT-OPAB130
Technical Specifications Overall length: 13.0 mm Optic diameter: 6.0 mm Haptic Vault: 0.4 mm Optic design: Bi convex Positioning holes: 0 Material: PMMA CQ UV A Constant / A.C.D: 114.9 / 2.93 Power range: 1.0 to 8.0 in 1D ..
Brand: Hanita Model: HT-SLENSAF
Providing Aberratin Free Vision. Aspheric design, also available as EASY PRELOADED IOL.   Technical Specifications: Overall diameter: 13.00mm Optic Diameter: 6.00mm Haptic Angulation: 5˚ Optic Design: Aspheric Edge Design: 360˚ Continuous Square Edge Power Range: -5..
Brand: Hanita Model: HT-SLENSHP
Mini Incision Implantation Easily and safely injected through an incision of 2.2mm. Excellent memory - superior foldability, slow release and gentle unfolding.   Technical Specifications: Overall Diameter: 13.0 mm Optic Diameter: 6.0 mm Haptic angulation: 5˚ Optic..
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