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Brand: Hanita Model: HVISCO018
The viscosity and elasticity range of HanitaVisco have been selected to provide the highest possible zero share viscosity, while allowing unrestricted manipulation during surgery and still enabling the use of a thin, 27 gauge cannula for expression. These parameters have been fine tuned using small ..
Brand: Hanita Model: OPAB130
Power range1.0 to 8.0 (1D increments)8.5 to 29.5 (0.5D increments)30.0 to 40.0 (1D increments)Optic designSphericRefractive index1.49MaterialPMMAA Constant114.9..
Brand: Hanita Model: SLENSAF
Providing Aberratin Free Vision. Aspheric design, also available as EASY PRELOADED IOL.   Technical Specifications: Overall diameter: 13.00mm Optic Diameter: 6.00mm Haptic Angulation: 5˚ Optic Design: Aspheric Edge Design: 360˚ Continuous Square Edge ..
Brand: Hanita Model: XPH VG1.8
a sub assembly: injector with a body, a pusher, a metal spring and a plunger. a cartridge Medicel..
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