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Model: AKR300
Integrated periphery keratometry measurement for contact lens fitting.Cornea, pupil & hard contact lens diameter easy measurment.Measurement Protocol Customization.Instant access & display of last 10 measurements stored in memory.Assistant measurement function.Unique Technology: «Live mode» ..
Model: AKR750
Fast, accurate and fully automatic: an ideal solutionfor delegating patient measurementOne-touch button measuring process for both eyesUltra-precise measurement, for even small diameter pupilsAuto and manual measurement modes availableWide range of measures including peripheral keratometry with ecce..
Model: CS550E
19 in LCD screen with Red and Green chartsContrast and color testsCustomizable slideshowEasy connection to APH 550Very intuitive menuRemote Control with integrated panelProjection distance: 2 to 6m..
Model: cornea550
Streamlined contact lens fitting process Precise evaluation of the corneal surface and wide variety of graphic presentations.Rapid and easy selection of the best lens thanks to fluorescein image simulation and integrated database which includes lenses from 27 brands.Dynamic and static capture o..
Model: ESS260
Maletín de prueba grande con una gama completa de accesorios: - 260 lentes, diafragma de 22 mm - Lentes esféricas: +/- 0,25 a +/- 20D - Lentes cilíndricos: +/- 0,25 a 6D - Lentes Prismáticos: 0,5 a 6D Accesorios: Cruz Cilindros móviles cruzados Hendidura Maddox Lente Plano Filtros rojo/..
Model: OST250
Setup: motorized chair and elevation table, screen support, keyboard support, drawer. Designed for left-handed and right-handed people. Comfort: armrests, tilting backrest 90°, footrests, fixed chinrest. Options: near vision lamp, stand for keyboard, chart projecter holder, color (blue, wh..
Model: PROE700
PRO-E 700 builds on the successful design of PRO-E 600.A Fully-Optimized ProcessMillingRoughingHigh CurveStep BevelDrillingGroovingWith Advanced FeaturesEngravingHalf-Jacket WrapsChemistrie ClipsSuper ChamferingCreative Shapes..
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